Welcome to our site!
Welcome to our new international website.

We are now planning for the new possibility of sell very cheap products and much more.

We will build up members who can buy products very cheap and we make them in 4 different conditions.

Part 1:

This is for people who will get a big discount on products and also a possibility to make money too.
They will also have the possibility to do investment too.
Part 2:

This is for the people who want a membership for possible to also get cheap products and other things but they only make one time paying and always have the membership.
Part 3:

This is for people who only want membership and get some discount on the products. They do not pay anything.
Part 4:

This is the people who not have any kind of membership and they have to pay the full price on the products.

We will first build up members who will buy things and after we will also make membership of company who also can sell to other members too.

First, we only register people and no one pays anything. On the register of membership side, you can mark witch part u like to choose. It is also a possibility to change later on too.

If u want to be in trading of bitcoin, then register on this link.
It have nothing with me to do or any kind of membership. Click on the link and register.

More info will come  later.
About this site
Price of membership is 25 Euro + fee

Price of investment is 100 Euro and up plus fee.

Investment can be one time or monthly.

Please make a decision and fill in the form.

Now we only register people, no one sends money now. We will inform you when the time is to pay here.

We inform you here or send you a message to your email.

Price for register other company to be a member, we will come back to that later.

Send a copy of ID or Passport and bank info where we can refund money and also prove that you are 18 and older.

If someone wants to quit membership, that is no problem. Paid membership will not be refound, but invested money will be refunded if not the person already got money out of it. It can take up to 3 months depending on how much the investment is.  

Send doc. to this email under here.

For registration, press the button under.